Tiffanie Mang At Sentient Art Seminar

Apr 17
We are delighted to announce that Tiffanie Mang will be joining us this June for the Sentient Art Seminar: Worldbuilding & Storytelling. She will be hosting the presentation Designing Mood with Values

The key to unlocking mood in a painting lies in understanding and effectively utilizing value relationships to enhance your color choices. Finding the statement of light on dark or dark on light as well as the balance between light and shadows shapes is crucial in creating a certain mood and atmosphere within a painting. By focusing on value relationships, artists can manipulate the visual impact of their work to take their paintings to the next level. 

Tiffanie Mang is a visual development artist, landscape painter, and art instructor straddling the world of animation and fine art. She currently works as Art Director for Color at Premise Entertainment and a color key artist at Titmouse. Past clients include Marvel Studios, Cartoon Saloon, and Universal Music Group. She has been featured in renowned magazines such as Plein Air Magazine, the Guide Artist Magazine and more. Since 2019 Tiffanie has mentored over 100 students from all around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. You can learn more about her Mentorship program with Sentient Academy HERE.

Join her June 7th 5 PM PDT/ 6 PM MDT

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