Mar 7

The Sentient Mission

Historically, art has been for the wealthy. Only children from prosperous families could afford to study art, and only the most wealthy people could afford to buy it. Today, that legacy has only changed a little. Afterall, the programs most frequently cut in public schools are art programs and the ten most expensive colleges in the United States are schools for the arts. 

Sentient's Mission is to put the legacy of art inaccessibility firmly in the past. Sentient works hard to make art education affordable and accessible. Regardless of your financial background or your family's opportunity history, we want you to study art! 

How is this possible? This is a team effort on the part of the Sentient Founders, the Sentient Team, and the Sentient Instructors. It is sometimes easy to imagine that the founders of a company are enjoying generous financial kickbacks and that the employees receive expensive company vacations and holiday bonuses. That is not the case with Sentient. Sentient is a labor of love on the part of everyone involved. 

A huge thank you to our instructors who love teaching, and love sharing their process with other artists! We so appreciate you!