Introducing Tayler Olivas

Apr 23
We are delighted that Tayler Olivas will be joining us this June at The Sentient Art Seminar: Worldbuilding & Storytelling and will be hosting the presentation Conceptualizing Environments: From Paper to Pixel

Join Tayler Olivas on a journey as he develops an environment from a concept to a finished product using his tried and true system. Starting with sketches and research, Tayler will showcase references, his process of elimination, and iteration with Photoshop to create variations. Then watch as he translates those into a 3D models to play with differences in lighting and angles for quick compositions. Lastly, he will show you how he finalizes those images for presentation to clients or your portfolio. Finish this session in a live Q & A with Tayler to make sure you get the answers you need to succeed.

Tayler is a concept artist working in both film and games. His past and previous clients include Insomniac Games, Riot Games, Elodie, and several other private clients.

Join him June 8th 10 AM PDT/ 11 AM MDT

Click to view his Instagram.