Sentient Art Seminar: Worldbuilding & Storytelling

Apr 9 / Julie Huang
Sentient Art Seminar: Worldbuilding & Storytelling

June 6-8th

Join us for a weekend of worldbuilding and storytelling for both traditional and digital artists. Join LIVE for 13+ hours of instruction, and enjoy life time access the recorded presentations after the event takes place.

Join Tiffanie Mang, Zac Retz, Jonathan Hoekstra, Kristina Vardazaryan, Brandon Gonzales, and Tayler Olivas in this exciting event! Learn how professional artists create art that connects with the viewer, develop a distinctive style, sculpt a world outside of reality, and embellish their final piece with details from their own imagination. 

Ask questions LIVE and participate in a private discussion group with other attendees.

Purchase your tickets early and enjoy an early bird discount with code EARLYBIRD