Mentor Teaches Color Temperature

Jul 31 / Julie Cornelius-Huang

Tiffanie Mang's Digital Mentorship is in Full Swing! 

"The most colorful and beautiful paintings often come from the restriction of brilliant color, rather than the profuse application of it." - Andrew Loomis 

Tiffanie Mang's digital art mentorship, geared towards driven digital artists looking to begin a career in the entertainment industry, or give the quality of their work a competitive edge, has been in full swing! Students not only have completed a rigorous season of learning complex concepts, but they have also completed a final project presentation. Final projects involved a month of nitty gritty critiques and support from Tiffanie. Artists participating in the program have already achieved a high level of learning and accomplishment. 

Here is a segment from one of Tiffanie's lectures on color, earlier this season:
"The thing that I really liked about all of these quotes is that they really emphasized restraint, control, and relations. And the number one thing you have probably heard me say is, 'Colors exist in relationships'. Just like Values do. You guys have all seen this [diagram]. If your eyes can play tricks on you value-wise, then you can bet it will play tricks on you with color. So what is that color against? What is that color next to? Every color has a value, so we can't strip value away from color!" 

Tiffanie Mang's mentorship is open for enrollment. Apply now for entrance and save your seat!

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