Howard Lyon's Reference Packs

Julie Cornelius-Huang
Sentient is excited to announce a special promotion exclusively available to Sentient students. 

Howard Lyon has generously provided sentient students with the 25% off coupon code "sentient" for use on any of his reference photo packs.

Extremely useful for figure and gesture work, Howard Lyon's reference packs are a treasure trove of models of all types and styles with beautiful features, masterful lighting effects, and when applicable, carefully curated wardrobes. You will develop a deeper understanding of textiles, movement, the human form and expressions when working with these reference photo packs.
Some notes from Howard regarding the use of his reference packs: 

The images come without copyright restriction when re-interpreted into your own work, but the photos themselves may not be republished, sold, or distributed.
If you would like to, please tag Howard on social media @howardlyonart when you use the reference images. Howard will be happy to retweet, like, and comment on your posts. This also allows Howard to share your art with the model! 

Visit Howard's Instagram HERE.

Howard Lyon's reference packs have been called amazing by figure artists!

See Which Courses Use Howard's Reference Packs Below:

Gesture Practice

Join character designer Brooklyn Walker, for a one-hour session as she shares her gesture drawing practices. Warm up using simple poses of a model in a two piece before advancing to whimsical clothed figures and exaggerated gestures that are sure to get the creative juices flowing. Throughout the demo, enjoy professional quality references from a selection of Howard Lyon's reference packs. 

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