Ashley Glazier

I am an artist that is ceaselessly inspired by everyday life and understated moments.

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Ashley Glazier is an American-Peruvian contemporary realist painter. She paints primarily in oils. Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL and raised in Boise, ID. Like a lot of artists, she's always been creating in one form or another since childhood, but it wasn't until college that she oil painted for the first time. She immediately knew that oil painting was something she’d pursue for the rest of her life. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration in 2017.

Ashley currently lives and works out of her studio in Provo, Utah with her husband, Tyler, and ginger cat, Oscar. Ashley spends her free time outside in nature, reading novels, watching movies, spending time with her friends, and playing with her nieces and nephews. Ashley's Website
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