Applications Open June 10th: Tiffanie Mang Mentorships

May 27 / Julie Huang
Tiffanie Mang's Mentorship will begin it's second 2024 session on July 2nd-11th. She will be offering two options for her Standard Mentorship, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:15-10:15 AM PDT, and she will be offering one class option for her Advanced Mentorship on Wednesday mornings 8:15-10:15 AM PDT. Each class has a seat limit of twelve artists. The real question here is: have you added your name to the Waitlist yet? 

It may seem like a small thing, whether you add your name to Tiffanie Mang's Waitlist or not, but it actually does matter for two reasons. The first reason is that artists will be emailed directly when applications open. This will help you to stay on the ball. 

However, the second reason is that artists who put their name on the waitlist before applications open are given priority. This does not mean that you will be offered a seat in her program regardless of your skill level. But it does mean that if the class has more applicants than there are seats, and all are demonstrating a high quality skill level, then those artists who put forth the effort to include their name on the waitlist will receive priority over those who did not. This is particularly important if you are hoping to have a seat in Tiffanie's Advanced program as there is only one class offering. 

Some artists want to apply but aren't sure if their art is "good" enough for Tiffanie's Advanced program. Don't worry! Tiffanie's application process is simple and streamlined. All artists apply using the same application and then are sorted into the appropriate class during the enrollment offering. Often times students are ready for the Advanced after they have completed a session of the Standard Mentorship. Sometimes artists are ready right away. Students who complete the Advanced mentorship and demonstrate a high quality of work will have their portfolios passed on to recruiters.

Are you curious about the Audited Mentorship? This is a new program this session! The Audited Mentorship is an opportunity for artists with a challenging schedule to study independently but keep pace with Tiffanie's Standard Mentorship program. They will receive access to recorded Lectures and Critiques of other students after they have taken place. They will also have access to all of the homework assignments and digital downloads as the standard mentorship students. They will not have access to live classes or critiques, and for this reason the price of the Audited program is a fraction of that of the Standard Mentorship. Like the Standard Mentorship, this is a four month program and students will have access to the course contend only during lifetime of the session. If you are interested in this program, please know that it is only offered at the discretion of Tiffanie, and only after her Standard Mentorship has been filled.

We are so excited to have you take part in this amazing program!