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Break into the entertainment industry with

Tiffanie Mang

Develop a professional workflow and sharpen skills with Marvel Studios artist Tiffanie Mang. Following a regular weekly schedule of personalized critiques and lectures, students will learn to approach their work in a new way while learning the ins-and-outs of working in the industry. 
become a gallery artist with

Raymond Bonilla

Focus on your personal projects to develop a pro studio workflow and produce consistent quality work. Raymond is here to help you build a gallery-ready portfolio, define your voice and identify the target market opportunities. 
paint alla prima with

Kai Lun Qu

Sharpen Alla Prima techniques with fun weekly painting sessions. Learn to paint anything with confidence and accelerate your growth with personalized feedback from Kai.
Postgraduate degree quality with

Brandon Gonzales

Expand your traditional and digital painting skills in this competitive alternative to a postgraduate degree with matte painter and university professor Brandon Gonzales. 

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Taking Sentient courses actually made me believe, I mean really believe, in myself as an artist. I never would have though it possible, but now I know all things really are possible!

Cindy MacDonald

It's great experience to learn on Sentient. Instructors have a clear way of teaching. For example, Bryan shows me how to accomplish loose brushwork in my landscape paintings.

Deepak Sharma

Sentient mentorship program has helped me with visible improvements in my color choices, edge and brushwork. I wish that I had known about this program years ago.

Laurie Johnson

United States

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