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Featured artist: Ellie Wilson

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Learn the fundamentals, dust off your skills, or become a master at your own pace.

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No two artists walk the same road. That’s why Sentient offers dozens of easy-to-follow learning paths to match your creative direction and lead you where you want to go.
Sharpen Your Skills
Customize your learning across a wide range of topics, styles, mediums, and skill levels.
Discover Your Voice
We provide the “Aha!” moments you won’t find anywhere else, helping to define your unique creative persona.
Reach Your Potential
Sentient Mentorship lets you work alongside pro artists to develop your skill set and jumpstart your career.

  Meet Your New Mentor

Study under the guidance of a master artist, get real-time feedback on your work, and learn the secrets to success with your own personal Sentient Mentor. 

Jeff Hein

Portrait & Figures
Find out what it takes to land big commissions with a bona fide master artist.

Kai Lun Qu

Oil Painting
Become a skilled oil painter and build an impressive portfolio with fun exercises. 

Tiffanie Mang

Visual Development
Study with a working Marvel Studios artist to become an art superhero.

Brandon Gonzales

VFX & Matte Painting
Get insider perspective from an artist with film credit including The Walking Dead, Prometheus...

What Our Artists Are Saying

Cindy MacDonald
Taking Sentient courses actually made me believe, I mean really believe, in myself as an artist. I never would have though it possible, but now I know all things really are possible!
Deepak Sharma
It's great experience to learn on Sentient. Instructors have a clear way of teaching. For example, Bryan shows me how to accomplish loose brushwork in my landscape paintings.
Laurie Johnson
 United States
Sentient mentorship program has helped me with visible improvements in my color choices, edge and brushwork. I wish that I had known about this program years ago.

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