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Week 1 

Fly (Your choice: the insect or the action)

Week 2 


Week 3 

Fly, Turtleneck AND Teaching (All three combined in whatever way you desire)

Week 4 | LIVE Review & Re-work
Watch the recording of July's Live Demo HERE.

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What's the  Sentient Routine?

A community working to improve together.
  • The Sentient Routine is a month long art challenge hosted monthly by a Sentient Instructor or Professional Artist once every few months.
  • Spend 30 mins practicing the prompts for weeks 1 and 2, to prepare for your final prompt. Week 3 will combine the first two concepts into a scene that you can submit for review.
  • Join us Week 4 for a LIVE demo and review. Apply what you've learned to rework your piece and upgrade your skills!

How to Submit?

Click below!
  • Submissions must follow Week 3's prompt and can be completed in any 2D medium. 
  • Submit your work using the button below
  • For a chance to be featured, share your work in Instagram using #sentientroutine & @sentientacademy