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The Undraped Artist Podcast Video by Jeff Hein

The Undraped Artist Podcast

Many of you don't know this, but Jeff Hein has been a full-time artist since 2002. Back then, at the dawn of his career, he would have given anything to sit down and speak to these modern pioneers of art. Now at the height of his craft, Jeff's finally realizing that dream, and has decided to give access to these inspiring conversations to the art community at large. That's the goal of the Undraped Artist Podcast, to provide aspiring artists a chance to listen in and draw inspiration from today's masters. ( 10+ hours)
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Jeff Hein

Jeff is known for his portraits, multi-figure narrative & scriptural paintings. His work is collected by some of the most high-profile public & private figures. Jeff started teaching with Sentient in 2021 to provide the most effective, yet budget smart online mentorship for students all over the world.

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