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The Sentient Routine

The Sentient Routine is a month long art challenge hosted by a Sentient Instructor.
Practice specific skills as you follow the weeks 1 and 2 prompts. Week 3's prompt will combine the first two concepts into a scene that you can submit for review.
Join us on week 4 for a LIVE Demo and submission review. Apply what you've learned and rework your piece and upgrade your skills!
The Sentient Routine will occur once every few months. Stay tuned to find out when our next Sentient Routine will occur! 
  • Sentient Pro Artists

  • Fundamental+


Get Mentored By Brooklyn

Begin storytelling with character designer, Brooklyn Walker. Learn fundamental skills like shape language, proportions, squash and stretch, and gesture.
You'll explore abstract concepts such as stylization, appeal, and designing complex characters. Additionally, you'll tackle career-specific topics such as creating an industry-ready portfolio, presenting your work, and conducting research for assignments. Let Brooklyn guide you in transforming your work and preparing you for the industry. Let's take your art to the next level!  

Fundamental Skills

Draftsmanship and Observation
Essential Visual Language

Shape Theory, Clustering, Silhouette, Proportions, Squash and Stretch, Straights Against Curves, Angles, Tapering 


Anatomy, Rhythm, Focal Point, Storytelling

Advanced Application


Drawing vs Design, Caricature, Stylized Anatomy & Folds, Streamline vs Breaks in Silhouette, Push Your Design to Make a Statement


Areas of Interest vs Areas of Rest, Variation vs Repetition of Line/Shape/Motifs, Asymmetry/Contrapposto

Professional Success


Style References, Film Personality Comps, Culture, History, Time Period, Location, Costuming

Production-Specific Work 

Model Sheets: Poses, Turns, Expressions, Hands, Hair, Teeth, Background Characters

Presenting Your Work 

Quality vs Quantity

Industry Preparation  

Creating a Character Design Portfolio, Applying for Jobs, Preparing for Interviews

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