Notan Portraits Charcoal Shadow Light by Jeff Hein

Importance of Notan in Portraits

Many artists have heard of notan, or the posterizing of a face, but very few reach the point of mastery in its application the way that Jeff has. In these three prestigious demos showcasing the art form, students of all types can learn to draw notan from a simple polarized image, a gray-scale photo, and a full-color photo. Skip the lengthy and watered-down process of other tutorials and get right to the meat of the methodology. Jeff even drops in some common mistakes into his work and rectifies them so beginners can learn to recognize these mistakes and fix them without fuss, or perhaps even avoid them altogether! ( 3+ hours)
  • Jeff Hein

  • Fundamental

Meet your instructor

Jeff Hein

Jeff is known for his portraits, multi-figure narrative & scriptural paintings. His work is collected by some of the most high-profile public & private figures.

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