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Character Design Series: Shape Contrast

Working in the area of character design without guidance from a working professional is a challenge. How does a designer decide how much squash or stretch in a character is appropriate? How do you keep your design exciting yet still believable? How do you commit to a bold shape and know where the breaking point is? Join character designer Brooklyn Walker and learn about important design considerations such as clustering, splaying and angles, parallels and symmetry, tangents, proportions, straights against curves, and much much more.
  • Brooklyn Walker

  • Advanced

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Brooklyn Walker is a character designer currently working on a secret project at Skydance Animation! She previously worked at Netflix on Adam Sandler’s “Leo” project, Nickelodeon Jr. on the "Santiago of the Seas" Preschool Series, and Sony Pictures Animation on several feature film projects, including Lin Manuel-Miranda's musical comedy, "Vivo". When she's not drawing and painting, Brooklyn loves to swim, hike and travel with her husband and daughter.

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